Duo Romance(多罗满) Motel @ Hualien City

Tried and we liked it.
Near Train station, 5min walking distance.
Affordable, spacious and clean. Value for money.
NT$1980 with plasma TV, Jacuzzi tub.


Hoya(虎爷)spa hotel @ 瑞穗乡,瑞祥村, Hualien.
Saw, but didn't try.
Taxi frm train station to hotel is a muz.
Simple lodging, but can't expect much frm village hotel.
General Farm-stay Links
Fancylake(Fenchihu) Hotel

@ 嘉义,阿里山。

Tried the cheapest rm(NT$2300), decent for a hotel in the mountains.
Medicinal bath provided. Guided tour available,7-eleven located juz above.

Will attempt the Jap style rm next time.

Accommodations @ 阿里山。
台南大饭店, Hotel Tainan.
Tried. NT$2700. 4 or 5 star kinda hotel.
Breakfast was gd, staff were helpful, rooms are neat and reasonably size. Has a swimming pool(under reno when we visited). Decent rates for a business hotel, and the plus point is 2min walking distance from Train station.
A Gong Resort Hotel, 雅客之家,
@ 垦丁,高雄
Didn't visit, still need to transfer by bus if take rail.
But looks nice frm the website thou...
泉都 @ Beitou, Taipei.
Tried, disappointed. Reality is far frm website.
View Day 6 of my travelog to find out more... ...
Cool site with links to 北投 hotels, and other hotsprings around Taiwan
Landis YangMingShan, 春天酒店
Couple of expensive, posh hotels with hotsprings in Taipei...
No budget or else can try.
Royal Castle成都, 西门丁,台北市
Tried, not bad. Value for money, gd location, 5mins walk from 西门 station. No website, but booked from Hotelclub.com.
Rainbow, 长虹 西门丁,台北市
Hmmm, highly recommended by friends back hm, but kinda looks disappointing frm the outside. But on the plus side, its in the heart of 西门丁, 2mins walk from station.
Wonstar,万事达 西门丁,台北市

Saw, looks decent, and about same distance from 西门 station as 成都。
Not really budget thou...

List of hotels in Taiwan
Comprehensive list of hotels frm the official taiwan travel site.
Gd place to start looking....
Motels in Taiwan
Motels in Taiwan is not sleazy, and really nice. Cheap n Gd.

To book the hotels, I suggest www.hotelclub.com or directrooms.com or any other website u can find... ..
Or easiest is to call direct, the staff are very friendly.(Oh do check out reviews before u decide)